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Basement Finish

December 27, 2013 | By | No Comments

Basement Finish

Here are some current pictures of our most recent basement finish project that is still in process. This house was built with an unfinished basement which made this remodeling strangely easy. Carlson Projects is so used to going in and fixing whatever a previous contractor did that this was a refreshing change of pace. We love doing these type basement finish projects because it allows the customer and our design team to be able to pick out what the space really needs and what the spaces potential can really be!

basement finish


5 tips to prevent falls in the home.

November 27, 2013 | By | No Comments

5 tips to prevent falls in the home.

Falls in the home are a very big issue especially for the elderly but, does this have to be such a big issue? Here are some statistics on falls in the home as well as 5 small ways falls in the home are preventable.

Here’s what the CDC had to say about a few statistics on falls in the home.  

  • One out of three older adults (those aged 65 or older) falls each year but less than half talk to their healthcare providers about it.
  • Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries.
  • In 2010, 2.3 million nonfatal fall injuries among older adults were treated in emergency departments and more than 662,000 of these patients were hospitalized.
  • In 2010, the direct medical costs of falls, adjusted for inflation, was $30 billion.

So how can we start to prevent these falls in the home? Here are 5 easy things to do that take minimal cost and time.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis It is important that the exercises focus on increasing leg strength and improving balance. Classes for things such as tai chi and yoga can be done at minimal cost. In Lincoln, NE i would highly suggest calling up Aging Partners or your local YMCA.
  2. Have a certified aging in place specialist come through you or your loved ones home to do a full home assessment, this is a free way to get ideas on how you could change small things all around your house.
  3. In home care services, are a great way for you or your loved ones to stay safe in the home. In home care services aren’t just for medical purposes, they are great at helping with simple things such as, meals, laundry, shooting the breeze, and light house keeping. We have been blessed in Lincoln, NE to have such great service providers such as, Guardian Angels, Home Instead, and Care Consultants.
  4. Be up to date on medications, if you don’t regularly talk to your doctor about medical conditions or new our past date medications, it can be a big hazard to you or your loved ones health. Balance can be thrown off very easily by one wrong medication.
  5. Add grab bars they are relatively easily installed by a certified aging in place specialist. These small grab bars can be put anywhere not just a bathroom anywhere where you or a loved one needs help keeping balance such as stairs maybe even getting out of the favorite rocking chair.

Grab bars alongside stairs.Carlson projects roofing and remodeling team




ADA Remodel By Homes-For-Life, A Product Line Of Carlson Projects

October 22, 2013 | By | No Comments

We are just finishing up our most recent ADA remodel with our new product line called Homes for life. What is homes for life? Homes-for-life remodeling is home modification, it is modifying your home or commercial space to make it fit you best. This issue of staying in your home longer is not new, it is however a growing need. With the number of people over 65 in lincoln alone being over 35,000 it is a huge need! This is our niche, this is where we love to serve where a need is we want to be. We have a love for solving problems,  and we solve these problems by using our 20 plus years experience in the industry to implement solutions that not only fit your budget but, fit your life style.

Plumbing and electrical down by, Bob Nohavec and JK Electric.

Call 402-499-4169 “People First, Quality Second, Innovation Third”.

ADA Remodel Pictures.

ADA remodel ADA Remodel ADA remodel