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Historic Lake Street Home


  1. Not being able to add regular asphalt laminate shingles because of weight. (wooden shake shingles weigh significantly less the asphalt shingles do.)
  2. Steep Roof Pitch.
  3. Rotten deck over an old flat roof.
  4. Gutters that weren’t sufficient for water flow.


  1. Inspire Slate (http://www.inspireroofing.comClickable LINK) was used because it is lightweight and durable.
  2. Steep roofs have become have become our specialty, we know how to work safer and quicker on these type of roofs then any of our competition in Lincoln.
  3. The deck had its own challenges that were completely separate to the roof. At some point someone did a very “sub par” job at installing the rubber roof underneath. So we tore everything out to make sure were doing the job right. We used Ice and Water Shield (Clickable LINK and put it all back including the stucco on the walls behind the deck.
  4. Gutters are a huge part of a roof. If you cannot properly get water to flow off and away from your home the chances of having leaks not only on the but could very well effect the foundation of your home. We added bigger gutters and down spouts to create better water flow and less chance of leafs and things getting caught in the gutter. We also used copper gutters and down spouts to enhanced the beauty of the home. The transformation is evident.