Get your roof ready for winter in the midwest?

Top 4 things to get your roof ready for winter.

Winter is just around the corner, and in the midwest this time of year is critical to having your roof not leak. Don’t let your roof look like this.

Get your roof ready for winter

1. Make sure all your flashing are in good condition.  

This can be a huge problem when it comes to winter, if you do not have proper flashings around pipes and chimneys where snow and ice will collect you will have a leak regardless the circumstances. this is a picture of a pipe that has no flashing around it to shed the water, this is basically like putting a funnel on top of your home. This is not what you want on your roof here is what it should look like with a proper lead flashing.

0-9 get your roof ready for winter

2. Clean your gutters, this seems like a very small thing in comparison to the whole roof but if your gutters are full of leafs and branches it will cause a big problem. When the snow melts and begins refreezing this will create a dam in your gutters which could lead to a whole number of things.

3. Have an inspection of your whole roof done, we can do this at minimal cost and it can save you from a whole bunch of headaches through the winter. If we find something that needs to be addressed you will be presented with photos of the problem then, we will walk you through how we propose to repair it the best way and most cost effective for you.

4. Check your shingles. This may seem like an obvious thing but when we look at shingles we view them in a different way then the way most people do. We examine look, texture, and durability, we also check for hail or tree branch damage as we walk around a roof.

If you need help to get your roof ready for winter don’t hesitate to call us today!






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