How to install a roof vent, on a new roof or preexisting roof.

Have you ever been up on a roof wondering how in the world are those vents installed? have you been scratching your head on how to install a new roof vent on your home? We have the solution, here is a quick how to video on how to install a roof vent and how not to install a roof vent hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions feel free to go to our contact us page. There are also many various types of venting options these are only one of the many options that can be explored. The other option we like to add to our customers roof is something called ridge vent. Ridge vent is not new to the roof ventilation world but it has become more and more recognized and the best way to vent your attic and keep your utility costs down. you can check out all those options on our ventilation page.

Also another great resource that has a very good article on roof ventilation is

heres the link to that article that talk about the right ways ventilation is to be done and also the wrongs ways. This article talks about airflow not only for your roof but for your attic. Also on how you can keep you monthly utility bills down by adding more ventilation.

Here’s a little of what they had to say “I have learned here (building science articles here on this web site by Joe Lstiburek) that in her case ridge vents are unnecessary and actually detrimental to cooling the attic space/roof when you already have gable and soffit vents, something to do with gable vents overpowering the vented soffits,” Pizza writes in a post at Fine Homebuilding’s Breaktime forum.




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