Why should i buy a new roof?

Why buy a new roof if my old one isn’t leaking?  

We understand this question because when you buy a roof it is not a small commitment, it is normally thousands of dollars and a hard decision to bring yourself to spend that kind of money on a roof. Well here’s a few quick things to help you make the right decision when buying a new roof. To answer that question we really have to observe the roof your talking about.

Benefits of Buying a New Roof

if your roof looks like this, then you are looking one of two things.

why should i buy a new roof


1. You most likely have a warranty issue which can be a good and bad thing.


It could be good because you can now receive some money back from the shingle manufacturer. why it could be a band thing is if the previous own did not transfer the warrantee to you. When you buy a new house the warrantee for the shingles has to transfer to the new owner to be able to get money back from the manufacturer.


2. Ventilation can also be a huge contributing factor to this problem.


Think of your roof like a boiling pot of hot water with a lid on it once that water started to become hot what showed up on the lid? Condensation did, and the only way to relieve that condensation and steam is to pick up the lid. Your roof is quite similar to this without ventilation, with scorching hot temps in summer your attic becomes a humid hot pot with nowhere for that hot air to escape the condensation practically boils your shingles. Without ventilation your shingles begin to curly.



If your roof look like this heres what is most likely the problem is.


why should i buy a new roof


This is most definitely hail damage. If you were already had a leaky roof then your are luck you will get money back from your home insurance company and that leak will be solved. Either way you should receive insurance money for this.

Lastly if your roof is showing just minor wear like this without any leaks. This means your critical areas such as, valleys, any pipes, and flashings are worn considerably more. This is where leaks will begin to show up you can save those headaches by either having a roofing expert come out and inspect your roof for free or get an estimate for the entire roof and save yourself the pain of having to deal with leaks that won’t go away.




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