How To Repair Rotten Fascia Board


How To Repair Rotten Wood Fascia

Begin by removing the old fascia. Fascia can be a combination of materials, on older homes it is typically wood and can be removed fairly easily with the right tools.

If you have a newer home it is most likely a wood sub fascia and an aluminum fascia metal that is bent and installed over the fascia. This kind of fascia can be tricky to repair and is not covered in this video. If you would like us to do a video on the removal and installation of aluminum fascia feel free to comment below and we will make a video just for you!

The easiest way to remove your fascia board is to find a seam and remove all nails in that section of the board. To remove the board most effectively use a crowbar/flat bar to and pry behind the fascia. Keep in mind the fascia board may have been caulked to the soffit board at some point. If this is the case use a utility knife to cut the caulking so the fascia board will be easier to remove.

Once the board is removed inspect for any further rotten wood beneath board. Water stains are fine as long as it is not from a roof or gutter issue. To know if your wood is rotten, press or hit it firmly with a hammer. if it crumbles and falls apart replace it using the same methods as above.

Installation of your new fascia board

Once your old fascia board is removed, measure the total length of your board along with any mitered angles (long point to long point). A t-bevel can be used to be sure the angle of the mitered cut is correct and will fit in with the old cut. Miter cuts are typically 45 degrees but it is always smart to double check them with a t-bevel to be sure before you cut. “measure twice cut once”! Slide new fascia board into place. Be sure it sits all the way up under the gutter apron flashing and is even with adjacent board. Find and mark your studs to fasten new fascia board. This can be done with either screws or ring shank nails.

*TIP: try to place the screws above where the gutter line will be so you cannot see any fasteners underneath the gutter.

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