The Case Against Window Inserts: Why You Should Replace Your Windows

Window Inserts vs. Window Replacements

There are several reason why you might need to repair your windows, ranging from aesthetic to necessity. Sometimes you need a fresh look if you moved into an older home and you get the luxury of upgrading. Other times disaster strikes and mother nature forces you into a fix.

Regardless of the reason, replacing your windows is always a better option than using window inserts. Here are our top four reasons for to use window replacements instead of window inserts.

Save on heating and cooling costs

It goes without saying that windows and doors are the only external-facing part of your home that aren’t insulated, giving the elements every opportunity to reach their hands into your wallet. Letting your temperature-controlled, warm or cool air escape is quite literally throwing money out the window.

Using window inserts would help more than using nothing, but it’s certainly not the best option. They typically don’t lead to a quality seal since they’re retrofitted to the existing window. Like patching a hole in a tire, you’re better off replacing it; opting to replace the window ensures a custom fit that will keep the cool air cool and the warm air warm, helping you save money on energy costs.

Make your home quieter

Not only do window replacements keep electric bills low and your warm (or cold) air in, but they also help to keep the outside noise where it belongs. Replacement windows, especially in urban areas and older neighborhoods help to fight noise pollution.

If bad seals exist on old or damaged windows, replacing the window rather than using an insert promises a thorough lock on both the weather and sound elements of the great outdoors.

Ensure safety year-round

No matter where you live or what time of year it is, there’s always a looming potential for disaster. Coastal cities run the risk of excess humidity, salt in the air and even high winds. Areas at risk for hurricanes should be even more prone to replacing windows.

Landlocked cities have the added danger of intense winters and severe storms in the summer. Winter storms can make wood warp and frames crack, while high winds and hail can break windows. Window replacements are less likely to crack, dent or peel as compared to window inserts.

Give your home a fresh look

If we’re lucky, we aren’t forced to replace our windows due to damage or natural disaster, but rather we get to freshen up the look of an old home. Windows will typically last 20-30 years, and lot of window companies will even ensure their windows up to 25 years.

With that said, even 10-15 year-old windows might not fit your ideal look, even if they’re completely safe and keep your home at a temperate climate year-round.

Window inserts are a temporary fix at best when it comes to giving your home a facelift, as they don’t last and can be very difficult to make look natural. Much like replacing rotted fascia, replacing windows is a great way to spruce up any home.

Replacing your windows is a great investment to make on your home because it ensures comfort and safety, they look great compared to window inserts and typically pay for themselves.



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