How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

When it’s time to install insulation into a room, whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, or finishing a basement, there are a few things you should know. For starters, using Roxul insulation is our choice because it’s fire resistant, water repellent and even helps to block out sound from room to room. Once you’ve settled on what insulation to buy, it’s time to get to work.

Let’s get started with how to install roxul insulation:

Open up your packaging and start gently lining up the pre-cut insulation between studs. Be sure not to squish the insulation into place so you don’t diminish the R-value.

Start at the bottom

Place the bottom half in first, then fit the top half in all the way to the top of the wall frame.

How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

Cut to fit (and save the excess!)

Pinch the excess insulation an inch above the bottom block to mark your cut. You can buy a knife to cut the insulation, or you can just use an old serrated kitchen knife. Make sure to keep the insulation you’ve cut for later.

How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

Rinse. Repeat.

Continue gently placing the insulation until you’ve covered the whole room. Now you’re ready for drywall.

How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

Naturally, you’ll run into non-standard areas, like rim joists and plumbing in the framing, which is why we keep the excess insulation after cutting. For plumbing pipes, you can cut insulation straight down the middle “hamburger style” to slide half behind the piping and the other half on top of it, around the pipe–see below. Be sure to cut around the pipes so it doesn’t bow beyond the wall framing.

How to Insulate with Roxul insulation How to Insulate with Roxul insulation

Now you’ve got a fully insulated room and you’re ready for drywall, a few coats of paint and a frothy cold one. Enjoy your insulated basement or living room, or wherever you’ve installed insulation.

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