Transforming a Closet/Hallway into a Bathroom

Transforming a Closet/Hallway into a Bathroom

Like most 100+ year old homes, this early 20th century home wasn’t laid out perfectly and was missing something pretty important to anyone who consumes food or liquids: a bathroom.

This was probably one of the most unique bathrooms we have added to a home. The owners of this early 1900’s home in Ashland, NE wanted to add a bathroom to their second floor so we got creative to turn what was a hallway, into a bathroom.

The Barndoor

To give a modern spin on a classic look, we added a custom barndoor to save space and provide some privacy to the bathroom.

Patching in Hardwood Floor

Turning one hallway into a separate room meant we had to patch in the hardwood floor. Attention to detail goes a long way, and this not-so-minor feature provides a clean transition.

Adding a door

Because this space was previously a hallway, we needed to close off the area somehow. We added a door to one end of the hallway and decided to leave some space above the door to allow airflow and natural light to permeate the room from a nearby window.

The Vanity

As you can see, this is not a typical vanity. Because of the tight space in this bathroom, we had a custom vanity made made by our friends at Contemporary Woods. What do you think of this detail? Let us know what you think of this decision in the comments below!

The Shower

The homeowner wanted a walk-in shower, which posed a challenge of its own, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t tackle. To create a walk-in shower in this hallway space, we closed off a closet door in the bedroom next door. This allowed us the space in this small area to create a usable and comfortable walk-in shower. All of the tile work in this shower was done by our friend Tyson from Praire Tile and Wood Flooring.

Handrail repair

As expected in a home with character, the front piece of trim on the handrail was damaged. Instead of removing it completely, we did some precise carpentry and staining to create a new piece that matched seamlessly, without compromising the integrity of the original look.

The Closet

In the process of adding the bathroom, we had to remove a closet in the bedroom to make space for the walk-in shower. Luckily, there was a small room around the corner that was perfect for converting into a much more usable closet space.

We’ve had our share of challenges in piecing together the puzzle of a home remodel, but this one was one of the most fun. Being able to reimagine the space to make it more usable, while keeping the flare of the original construction made it a lot of fun to work on.

What are your favorite parts of the transformation? What challenging projects have you completed? Let us know in the comments below!



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