The Importance of Insulation

The Importance of Insulation

If you’ve ever noticed an area of your home that’s just never the right temperature, it’s always either too hot or too cold, it’s probably missing insulation.

Recently, we were working on a roofing job and came across a section we couldn’t see into. After cutting an access hole to check and see how much insulation was there, we found that one section of the attic was completely missing insulation, leaving that part of the home consistently uncomfortable. The joys of home renovation!

The section in question was the ceiling to the main floor from an addition to the home—leaving the heat leaving the home and all the cold coming in (or vice versa in the summer). What happened was, the house was added onto, but not properly insulated. Code for a situation like this in R-value is R-38 and this attic was at about R-13. The solution was to ventilate the roof properly and add full insulation to get it not only up to code, but also to make it more comfortable for the home owners.



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