This week we have a very special guest walking us through the job site update at the #CherryKitchenUpdate, our mother and wife, Shawn Carlson.

On this job, the family wanted to keep the same basic footprint of the kitchen, while updating the countertops, cabinets and backsplash.

This kitchen was all about the clean lines. We added inset cabinet doors and flush stacks of drawers to keep consistency. Traditional cabinets tend to protrude into the high traffic areas, so it was important to save as much space as possible by adding the inset cabinet doors.  

The counter depth refrigerator accentuates the smooth look throughout the kitchen and allows for more space to move around the island.

We went with a black induction cooktop instead of stainless to keep the countertop clean to match the clean lines with the rest of the kitchen.

What is an induction cooktop? With a traditional cooktop, gas or electric heat up the cooktop, which then heats up your pot or pan.

Induction cooktops are different because they use a magnetic field that interacts with the molecules in your cookware that turn your pot or pan into the heating element. Induction cooktops not only help you cook faster but also won’t heat your house up; in fact, you can put your hands right on the cooktop, even while it’s still on.

This makes the surface safer when you’re done cooking, just remember your pots and pans will still be hot! One thing to keep in mind is that your cookware will need to have enough iron to work with the induction cooktop – so you may need new cookware.

Back to the kitchen update. The client wanted the best organization as possible, so Contemporary Woods added dividers right into the smooth open and close drawers to separate all of the utensils.

The final touch was the backsplash. The countertops were desert silver, which is a bright white with brighter white accents. To complement the wall and add color, we chose a grey tile with an almost handmade flare. Adding interest to the space, we accented the backsplash with Carrara tile behind the cooktop, which really brought all of the textures and colors together.

What is your favorite part of this kitchen update? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!



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