Ditch the Chipotle Kitchen // #millennialkitchen Testimonial

Ditch the Chipotle Kitchen

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chipotle as much as the next guy (just not as much as Jake Kramer, who you’ll meet in a second) but having a “Chipotle Kitchen” means you might need an update.

See, when Jake and Haley Kramer found Carlson Projects, there was certainly more bad than good to say about their kitchen. They had to run an extension cord around the stove to get power, coordinate who was doing what to make sure they knew who was using which one of just two prep spaces, and last but certainly not least – Haley’s favorite – mice.

Talk about too many cooks in the kitchen.

The Kramers dubbed their cookery a “Chipotle Kitchen.” That is, they would rather have picked up a burrito from Chipotle than cook at home. We couldn’t blame them; it’s not exactly exciting to cook in a kitchen where you have to run multiple extension cords with little to no prep space when you’re just trying to make dinner.

They obviously knew something had to be done but weren’t exactly sure where to start.

“We’re young, we don’t know anything about building kitchens.”

That’s where we came in. When they came to Carlson Projects, Haley had the design in mind and Jake was more focused on the function, giving us a good balance on what we needed to get done.

“The three things we really appreciated most about working with Carlson Projects is their communication, transparency and value.”

Jake explained what he meant:

  • Communication –
    • A good example of the diligent communication we brought to the table, quite literally, came when we were deciding on what countertops to install.
    • The two picked out a marble top that we agreed looked awesome but wasn’t exactly in the budget for the job. So we suggested an alternative that looked similar, added a similar value and costs way less.
    • Carlson Projects communicates budget needs up front and do anything we can to keep things looking and functioning incredibly, working towards getting customers the most bang for their buck.
  • Transparency –
    • As we’ve mentioned in just about every update, things on the job site are always keeping us on our toes. If we’re being honest, that’s just a nice way of saying things rarely go as planned. While this job was happening, we had several weeks of awful weather (among other things) that pushed the timeline back.
    • The Kramers were out of town and nonetheless extremely understanding of the situation since we were able to be completely transparent about what was going on. Carlson Projects prides ourselves on being transparent – whether it’s about budget, timelines, product availability or anything in between.
  • Value –
    • Lastly, they touched on the value Carlson Projects brought to their home. Kitchens usually end up giving back some of the highest returns on investment in comparison to other house projects. They bring a ton of value, not only in terms of how your home is actually valued but also the offers you’ll get when you decide to sell.
    • More than that, kitchens are where homeowners, families and guests spend a ton of time. I’m sure you’ve noticed when you host events, people tend to congregate in the kitchen. Having a kitchen you’re proud of helps you love your home even more and gives you confidence when hosting family and friends.

Maybe you love Chipotle, maybe you don’t. No matter your take on the subject, we can all agree that if you’d rather get take-out than cook at home because of your kitchen, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Check out the full video and see what Jake and Haley have to say:


We loved working with Jake and Haley as much as they enjoy creating memories in their own home. What are some of your favorite kitchen updates you’ve seen? Drop a link or two in the comments below!




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