Creating an Open-Concept Kitchen

The kitchen trend that has taken the 2000’s by storm is the open concept kitchen. Carlson Projects has worked on dozens of kitchens, from removing walls and creating a more open concept kitchen to updating kitchens that have a more open concept and refreshing the look. 

The #openconceptkitchen job involves removing a major, (surprisingly non-load-bearing) wall, as well as a ton of plaster and lathe. Even though the wall is non-load-bearing, we’re still going to be adding a beam. This is primarily to tie together two rooms while keeping a separation between two rooms but also for added longevity and stability.

We lucked out with the home having an awesome maple floor, and we weren’t surprised when we uncovered a few love marks (deep scratches and rotted boards). It’s extra work to refinish floors to be sure, but will absolutely be worth it in the long run to refinish and get these characteristic floors back to amazing shape. 

We tore out some of the old flooring that was rotted out and replaced it, while blending in the new to keep the original look intact and fit in with the old. When working with historic homes, Carlson Projects is proud of the extra effort we put into refreshing the look of the home, while keeping the original charm. 

We’ll always opt for bringing a historic home back to life when we can, rather than tearing everything out and starting from scratch when we can.Being able to bring the original look back to life, while blending in new materials where the old have been compromised is an art and a craft which is lost on some contractors. 

The main goals for this kitchen were to create a more functional space, while opening up the kitchen into the living room. Adding an island where the wall once was adds functionality while keeping the kitchen part of the living room. Moving the sink to the island added more countertop space where it previously was, and tucking the range and fridge into a more meaningful space added floor space.

Carlson Projects is dedicated not only to making home look beautiful but also function well, which is why when we start on a project, we make sure that the style is on and the function work well for your lifestyle. 

The homeowners from the #openconceptkitchen love to entertain and they love to cook. Having the middle of the room being taken up by a wall, the dishwasher, and garbage can don’t really bode well for either of those things. 

In the end, this kitchen added a ton of space and lots of storage. The homeowners can now be in the kitchen prepping without missing out on what’s going on when hosting. 

What are your favorite details from this kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!



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