How to add a retractable power outlet to your countertop

How to add a retractable power outlet to your countertop

Retractable power outlets provide an awesome, clean and attractive option to provide power to kitchen appliances, phone chargers or anything else you want close by.

Adding them to kitchens, offices and countertops in pertinent areas gives you convenient power when you need it without extension cords, power strips or taking up valuable counter space.

Recently, we installed a retractable tap power outlet to our second home and the clients loved it. They were searching for a way to get more power outlets without cutting into the backsplash or adding new outlets to the wall, so this decision was easy.

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First, you should make sure everything you’re doing is up to code. If you need, contact a licenced contractor to inspect the space, or outsource the job.

Once you’re certain everything you’re doing is by the books, turn off your power to that area of the house. We love new hairstyles, but not by electric shock.

You’ll have to check to make sure there’s an outlet nearby to plug the countertop outlet into. You’ll also need to double check that that outlet can handle the wattage of the retractable outlet. Often times, there will be power near appliances that are already installed.

Next, cut a hole in the countertop by the dimensions of the outlet you’ve chosen. We went with the PUR Countertop Power Tap. The hole we drilled was 3.75in.

After that, you don’t need much in terms of tools. Feed the cords and Power Tap into the hole you’ve drilled. Secure the unit from the underside with the flange until it’s tight.

The finishing touch is plugging in the power unit. All you have to do now is push in the top of the unit and lock it into position, plug in your electronics and you’re “lit,” as the kids say.

Have you installed countertop power outlets? Drop your suggestions for retractable countertop outlets and tips for installation below.




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