How to install lead flashing

  • First start working the tabs of the shingles up making sure it is as flat as possible so the shingle does not get damaged. Once it is pulled up, you can pull out the nails or staples. Do that all the way around and all the way up to the lead flashing.
  • Install the new wood planks making sure there are little gaps so the roof can breathe.
  • When putting felt paper down always start from the bottom up so that water can flow over the top.
  • When placing the shingles back on the roof, re-caulk the seal.  When nailing the shingle back into place, stay away from the cuts. Make sure to line up with the old fade line. Fill the old pink holes with a little bit of caulking.
  • Put on the lead flashing. Place the base underneath of the shingles about and over the shingles below. Be sure to caulk it down. Then use a hammer to form it to the roof, then secure it with nails.
  • Place the rest of the shingles that were pulled off making sure to nail and caulk the edges.



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