A roof leak that may not be your roof

Fascia is an intricate part of your roof system and could contribute to a roof leak. So what is a fascia? Fascia is an architectural term for the vertical band along a roof edge. If you’re looking up at your roof, the fascia is the wood or metal band located behind the gutter. The soffit is the wood or metal panels on the underside of the roof between the siding and roofline.  

The fascia protects the rafters and your insulation. Over time, the fascia can rot or degrade, which can cause holes or soft spots. Eventually, this damage could lead to leaks inside your home. Additionally, if your fascia fails, your leak could lead to mold. 

Worried about your fascia? We’d be happy to inspect your fascia to make sure it’s not an issue! Contact your Lincoln roofing and remodeling contractors here or email us at hello@carlsonprojectsinc.com

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