Know who you are hiring before you reroof your home.

It helps to do a little research before you hire a contractor to replace your home’s roof. Here are some questions to help guide your research: 

Ask for references:

Ask for recent references and then contact them to ask how their roof projects went. Going with a well-established company helps, but you also want to follow up on references and go to see nearby projects when possible. 

Research the company:

Check out the company’s website to see how long they has been around and look for any affiliations or awards (trade associations, BBB, local chamber of commerce). You might also want to look for certifications or credentials that speak to the  company’s professionalism and expertise. Specifically, you’ll want to ask about contractor’s roofing licenses. 

Get a Quote:

You’ll want to see a detailed quote and hear more about the installation process. A potential roofing company should look at the existing roof in order to offer options about roofing materials, pricing differences, and warranty information. The roofing manufacturer usually offers warranties on the materials but not the installation. So you’ll want to ask about any installation guarantees. You’ll also want to hear about the installation timeline and what the process looks like. For example, will your yard be cleaned up during/following the roof replacement to ensure your child or pet doesn’t step on an old nail. 

Hint: Once you have a few quotes, you can also research the roof materials on your quote to see what you prefer. 

Nitty gritty details:

Insurance often comes up when screening contractors. Ask what types of insurance they have and how much they carry. Plus, ask if they’re bonded and who you should contact if you have a problem during or after the installation.  

Hopefully this post gives you some guidance on what information you need to gather when vetting roofing companies. Even though it takes time, it’s important to do some initial research and contact a few companies before deciding on a roofer.

If you’re in need of a new roof, you’re Lincoln roofing contractors would love to talk with you! Contact us today for a quote on your roofing repair.



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