4 Reasons to Remodel an Old Home Instead of Buying New

Why should you buy older homes and renovate them rather than buy new?

You can’t beat the charm and character of older homes. If you’re weighing the options of renovating an old house or buying a new home, take the following points into account.  

Character and Unique Details

Older homes have unique details that would cost thousands to replicate today: dining room built-ins, huge fireplaces, breathtaking staircases, stunning porches and unique fixtures (lighting, doorknobs, doors, etc.). 

High-Quality Construction

Older homes were built to last. They used high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure the home would last. Building materials were typically thicker and stronger and used real bricks and stones rather than lower-grade materials. Your home will be sturdier if you add onto an existing older home rather than rebuild with lower-quality, new materials.  


Older homes were built on larger lots, so you’ll likely have more land and space around your home. Another bonus of older lots? Older homes likely have mature trees and landscaping, and perhaps even gardens and outdoor places to entertain. 


Older homes often cost less money initially. By using your money for updates and personalizing your home, you’ll end up with an investment that you love! 

Ready to employ all of the advantages of your older home? Need some help from your Lincoln home remodeling experts? Contact us–we appreciate older homes and would love to help on your next project! 

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