What is something you always seem to need more of in your home?

We’ll Give You a Clue…Storage! 

The answer may differ from person to person, but the overwhelming majority will say storage. Most people also comment that storage containers look tacky and shelving units seem out of place unless they’re in an office. Well, never fear! We’ve pulled together some creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to add extra storage in your home. 


Sneaky Storage

There are some ingenious storage solutions out there! Here are just a few: 

  • Hidden drawers under step risers and staircases
  • Install shelves that extend above doorways and windows or high along the perimeter of your bedroom
  • Hang bicycles in your garage to save some room
  • Store items in plastic or canvas totes under beds
  • Place decorative baskets above cabinets or bookshelves for additional storage

What is something you always seem to need more of in your home?


Think Vertically

Use your walls to add extra storage space. 

  • Add floating shelves to avoid taking up floor space
  • Peg boards in the garage or office provide some additional storage
  • Attach crown molding in your closet to store your shoes
  • Hooks and racks on the backs of doors, walls, or even attached to furniture can store all sorts of items
  • Use exposed beams and rafters as bookshelves
  • Hang your pots and pans (or anything else you can think of!) from a rack attached to the ceiling

What is something you always seem to need more of in your home?


Furniture with Built-In Storage

Furniture can provide some useful built-in storage options: 

  • Bench seats and ottomans with drawers underneath or a lift-up lid and interior storage space provide plenty of hidden storage
  • Some headboards offer book shelves or built in drawers for extra space 
  • You can also select a Captain’s bed or platform storage bed that allows a dresser or storage drawers underneath 
  • Credenzas and buffets provide extra kitchen and dining storage 
  • Stools, media stands, coffee tables and nightstands can give you some extra places to hide your trinkets. 
  • In your kitchen or breakfast nook, select a banquette with shelves and cupboards underneath
  • Repurpose a dresser as a media console, vanity, or knick knack shelf and fill the drawers with storables 

What is something you always seem to need more of in your home?


Get creative when adding storage to your home! Use these ideas or let them inspire you to brainstorm your own. And if you’d like some help adding more storage to your home, contact us

We’d love to transform your space so that you love your home. Consider us for your home remodeling in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding area.


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