How to Rebuild a Staircase…the Right Way

In need of a new staircase? Perhaps you have an old, wobbly set of steps that needs replacing because it’s unsafe or not to code. Though replacing a set of stairs is a relatively simple job, making sure that everything is done safely and correctly is of utmost importance.
How to Rebuild a Staircase…the Right WayHow to Rebuild a Staircase…the Right Way

Here’s an example we rebuilt for clients. This staircase was built in 1950 and in desperate need of remodeling. It had started to sink into the concrete and rot. The steps themselves were barely holding on and molding. 

We removed the old staircase and rebuilt a new set of stairs from the ground up. We cut new stringers out of 2×12 and attached each stringer to every stud to ensure the new staircase is safe and extremely strong. Then, we cut 2×10 treads and risers and glued and secured them into place with screws to ensure they would never come apart.

How to Rebuild a Staircase…the Right Way

How to Rebuild a Staircase…the Right Way

Rebuilding the staircase provided our client with a wider and more stable set of stairs that will remain sturdy for decades. 

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