Siding the Steeple

When you work in roofing and roof repair in Lincoln, NE, you get used to interesting and challenging jobs. However, there’s one job that stands out as unique, and we remember it well.

Siding this steeple was no ordinary job. It wasn’t just a simple rebuild—the steeple was 80 feet off the ground! We had to lift our supplies and tools onto a flat roof and assemble scaffolding around the steeple. We did all our work from up in the air while being harnessed in for safety.

The original steeple siding had some significant damage. We chose to use concrete siding on the steeple. “Fiber cement siding is a durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance material,” according to James Hardie, which makes the siding we used on this project. Concrete siding (fiber cement) emulates wood, is weather and fire-resistant, and won’t rot or warp. This particular siding ensured that this steeple could withstand the elements.

In the end, though the project tested our ingenuity, your trusted Lincoln roofing contractors got the job done and done right! There’s no chance this steeple will leak again.

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