4 DIY Creative, Simple Updates for Your Deck

We saw this article by Brian Patrick Flynn on HGTV.com, Spruce Up a Deck with a Painted “Rug,” and we were inspired to think about our decks in a different way. Why should we have to replace a deck in order to change up the feel of our patio space? Why not think of creative ways to give us the change we desire? Let’s add some character and spice up our boring decks without breaking the bank!

Painted “Rug”

This can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. In fact, if you just want to paint your deck a fun color, that right there is a deck facelift!

Brainstorm & Design

Scour the internet and the depths of your imagination for ideas! If you’ve decided on your pattern, draw out your design on paper before you dive into painting. You can create a simple rectangle with a border or go more complex with some painted checkboxes or fleur-de-lis. You can also paint designs on the “inside” portion of your painted rug. I mean, what the heck, it’s your creation, and you have endless possibilities! 

Prep your Deck

You’ll want to power wash or spray off your deck to make sure dirt and debris are cleaned off. Sand, and stain or paint the background of your deck if it’s in need of it. 

Get out the Pencil, Straightedge, and Tape

It’s important to measure the spot for the rug. Mark your measurements with a pencil (using a straightedge to ensure your lines are precise), and then use painter’s tape to mark your design onto your deck. 

Time to Paint

Use exterior paint to paint two or three coats for the rug’s center. Once the paint is dry to the touch, slowly peel off the painter’s tape and touch up any spots. Then tape the next phase of your design–maybe it’s a border around the rectangle. Paint two or three coats on the next step of our rug design. Once it’s dry to the touch, remove the tape. Allow 24 hours for the paint to cure before you or your pets walk on it. 

Add a Bar

Want to really impress your guests or just feel fancy when chilling on the patio? Create a handy bar! Find a sturdy cart or an old metal shelving unit to rehab. Add a wooden slab on top and consider creating a drop-down to ice drinks in the summer! Jody Garlock spells it all out in a Better Homes and Gardens article titled Revamp a Basic Shelving Unit Into a Do-It-All Outdoor Bar.

Create a Deck Garden!

To add some fun and beauty to your deck, make a wall of flora to entice the eye. Find a variety of bright and beautiful plants and flowers. Pot them in pots of many shapes, colors, and sizes. Place the pots on different surfaces to vary the height, and if you have a pergola, hang them as well! This wall of verdure is also great for privacy from neighbors.

Light It Up Right

Lighting can completely change the feel and appearance of your deck. And there are so many options! String twinkle lights from the trees to the eaves. If you have a pergola or latticework, wrap them in luminescence. Add some old-fashioned lanterns to tabletops and dangle them from beams or drape Edison bulbs. Even more fun? Solar lights. Since the deck is in the sun all day, this is the perfect place to utilize solar lights on walkways, railings, tabletops, and to highlight plants and artwork.

Enjoy Your Deck!

Once you’ve picked a couple of projects to bring new life to your deck, go ahead and enjoy your “new” space! And if you’re looking to make a bigger change, Carlson Projects Inc. are your Lincoln, NE home remodeling experts! Contact us for an estimate on your home remodeling project.

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