5 Deck Trends for 2022—Deck Builders Lincoln, NE

It’s already spring, and with summer around the corner, it’s time to start planning out your deck renovation. This is the time of year when people start asking us questions about decks and what would look nice in their backyard. Outdoor entertainment is more popular than ever because of the pandemic and that has inspired some of these latest trends. This year we decided to showcase some of the patios that we’ve worked on that exhibit some of these Lincoln, NE deck trends that you’ll be seeing throughout 2022! Maybe this will give you some ideas for your next deck remodel! (Don’t forget to call your seasoned deck builders, Carlson Projects Inc., to help!)

1. Deck Bars

Lincoln, NE deck builders

Lincoln, NE deck builders

We have been hearing more and more people asking about deck bars. Our attempts to maintain a social life during a pandemic had us move the visits outside. So, why shouldn’t the backyard have all the amenities of inside? Installing a deck bar is fun and makes you and your guests feel classy! While you’re at it, might as well put in an outdoor kitchen for the full outdoor-hosting experience.

These photos are from one of the largest projects we’ve ever done, with almost 1400 sqft of decking. The deck surface is all cedar sealed with Australian timber oil and is built to be durable for many years to come. We even added three benches with built-in storage and a fully complete bar with electrical outlets. While this project was immense, there is room to create a functional and comfortable deck bar in just about any patio space.

2. Ceiling fans

Lincoln, NE decks

Ceiling fan on Lincoln, NE deck

Ceiling fans on covered porches and pavilions are a great way to keep cool and keep the bugs at bay, during those warm summer days. The build of this pavilion is completely made out of cedar, including the ceiling which is a cedar tongue and groove plank, giving the patio a seamless and outdoorsy look. These types of structures can include outlets to run portable heaters for the cooler fall mornings and nights, plug in lighting designs, or hook-up speakers for some tunes. Pavilion patios are a great addition to any yard, creating a separate space for entertaining or relaxing. 

3. Privacy

Lincoln, NE deck builders

Deck privacy

Given that more people are making use of their patios and decks, and using those spaces more of the year, we’ve seen an increase in demand for more privacy solutions. The slats of this deck railing double as a privacy fence that still allows light to illuminate between the gaps. Other solutions for more privacy are outdoor drapery, a canopy, installing a ceiling, adding a trellis, trees, or shrubbery, or for a sound barrier, adding a fountain. Any of these can create a great look and many will also keep some of the weather and bugs out.

4. LED Deck Lighting

Lincoln, NE deck lighting

Lincoln, NE deck lighting

Lighting can completely change the feel and appearance of your deck, the number of different possibilities are endless! Since the deck is in the sun all day, this is the perfect place to utilize solar lights on railings, stairways, or deck posts. Accent lighting is another option that can make a space appear warmer and more inviting. Adding the right type of lighting can elevate the aesthetic while making it more functional for use. You can also install motion-activated lights or choose options that allow for controlling your lights with your phone.

5. Hidden fasteners

Lincoln, NE deck builders

Lincoln, NE deck builders

Concealed fasteners, or as we call them “camo screws,” are installed so you can’t see them, which adds to the clean look of this custom cedar deck. With no unsightly screws showing on the deck, the grain in the wood really stands out. The hidden effect lets you take pride in the beauty of your deck and creates awe in the observer. How did they do that? This is just one of the many details that set Carlson Projects Inc. apart from other remodelers, ensuring a long-lasting and beautifully designed project.

Build It!

Have we inspired you to start planning your deck remodel today? We hope so! These deck trends are fun, functional, and add to the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor space. We hope you have a terrific summer, and if you need a little help with your Lincoln, NE deck remodel, contact us for your free quote today.

What else can we do for you?

High-quality custom decks are just one of the things Carlson Projects Inc. specializes in. For your next deck or bathroom/kitchen remodel, let us help, your Lincoln, NE home remodeling experts! We’re locally owned and operated, and would love to make your home a dream come true.

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