Your Roof Might Not Be Caving In, But You May Still Need to Replace It—5 Warning Signs

You may not think you need a new roof, but by the time you do think so, it might be too late. We understand it’s not an easy decision to make, and with a cost of thousands of dollars, it shouldn’t be. However, a quality roof is one of the most critical elements of your home. Your roof protects your house, and everything in it, from wind, water, fire, and extreme weather. If it’s not up to snuff, the damage done can cost far more than the roof itself.

We’ve put together a few things to watch out for to help you rest easy knowing that you and your home are protected. In the case that you do find an issue, Carlson Projects, Inc. has your Lincoln roofing solution. Contact us for a free quote!

1. Curling Shingles

Curling Shingles-Lincoln, NE Roof Repair

Curling shingles are mostly indicative of a roof ventilation issue. Think of your roof as a boiling pot of hot water with a lid on it. Once the water starts to boil, what shows up on the lid? Condensation! The only way to relieve steam and avoid condensation is to pick up the lid. 

The same thing happens to your roof when it doesn’t have proper ventilation. Scorching hot temperatures in the summer can cause your attic to become a humid pot with nowhere for the hot air to escape. The condensation boils your shingles and without proper ventilation, they’ll begin to curl.

Curling shingles need to be fixed ASAP. Unfortunately, they often indicate a larger problem, which could lead to needing an entirely new roof.

2. Damage or Growth

Hail Damage-Lincoln Roof Repair

This picture is an example of hail damage. If you notice this sort of pitting after a hail storm, you can file a claim for hail damage and possibly get your roof replaced through your home insurance. In addition to hail damage, keep an eye out for cracking, buckling, missing shingles, and greenery. Yep, we said greenery.

Any of these issues indicate that the shingles, at the very least, need to be replaced (or cleaned). They might also indicate a greater problem like a roof leak. Especially in the case of moss and mold. If you see moss growing on your roof, there is already an issue with accumulated moisture, otherwise, the moss wouldn’t be able to grow. Additionally, as that greenery grows, it could cause more cracking and let even more moisture (along with bacteria and fungi) in, damaging your roof and attic.

3. Interior Water Damage

Water Stains-Lincoln, NE Roof Repair

It doesn’t always have to be an active, dripping leak for there to be a crack in your roof causing water damage to your home. Keep an eye out for water spots on the ceiling or running down from the tops of walls. Don’t forget to check corners and alcoves where water stains won’t be as obvious. Also, inspect exterior walls for mold, mildew, or moss. This implies that there is a water leak somewhere. 

4. Debris in Gutters & Downspouts

Check your gutters and downspouts for debris from roof shingles. If you find granules of your shingles elsewhere, this could mean that your roof is disintegrating and needs to be replaced. Some granules sloughing off over time and with changes in the weather is normal, but an increase in the amount can be worrisome.

5. Sagging Roof

Sagging Roof-Lincoln, NE roof repair

Angie’s List recommends keeping an eye out for “droopy or saggy spots” which are a “sure sign your decking (the support structure that holds the roof up) is weakened from moisture, and the roof needs to be replaced.” If you are able to see a bow or sag in the roofline or flats of your roof, and there aren’t any visible cracks, you might need some major work done or even a new roof.

Talk To An Expert

If you notice any of these warning signs and you’re not a roofing expert yourself, be sure to call one. It is best to find out if there is a problem early on to avoid it becoming more of one. And if you’re in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, Carlson Projects Inc. are your local roofing pros! 


If you notice damage to your roof, see if you have a warranty. You could receive money back from the roof or shingle manufacturer. If you didn’t replace the roof, the warranty might not have been transferred to you when you bought the home. So, when buying a home, make sure to check into any warranties and whether they can be transferred with the sale. It could end up getting you a new roof for free!

Need help?

Are unsure whether you have proper attic ventilation, hail or water damage, disintegrating shingles, or a sagging roof? We are happy to help! Schedule a visit with Carlson Projects Inc. and get a free quote. 

When it comes to Lincoln, NE roofing, we are your exuberant experts. And if you’re looking for a new roof, a roof repair, or wondering “Why Does My Roof Leak In The Winter?”, we love what we do and we’re ready to help!

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