Our Core Values

Carlson Family Core Values

Carlson Projects Inc. is a family-owned construction, roofing, and remodeling company out of Lincoln, NE. We pride ourselves on the work that we do, but it all starts with the lifeblood of what we’re all about.

At our core, we base every project on five main values

We are a team.

In a similar way to a solid family, the employees of Carlson Projects Inc. are always working as a team. Just like with any family, arguments and disagreements happen. We’re constantly reminding ourselves that we’re on the same team and have the same goal at the end of the day. Disagreements usually originate from a passion for the project. We strive to solve problems together, and we want to be part of your project in partnership with you. Whether replacing a roof, adding an addition, helping to design a home where you can age in place, finding unique storage options, or increasing your curb appeal, no matter the need, we are on your team with your interests in mind.

We are ambassadors.

Whenever we go into a client’s home, we treat it like it’s our own—or the home of our parents, grandparents, or anyone we care deeply about. We make cuts where it won’t generate a lot of dust and we’re always sure to clean up after ourselves if we have to make a mess.

Another staple of being an ambassador is that we’re not only polite to the homeowner, but also to each other. Our standard is higher when we’re on a job site because we want the entire experience to be as pleasant as possible—that includes interactions with us and also overhearing us interact with each other. We wouldn’t want someone working in your home that we wouldn’t want in our own.

We’ll never stop learning.

This might be self-explanatory, but as we’ve mentioned before, things don’t always go as planned on job sites. Furthermore, we constantly run into design and construction challenges we didn’t expect or haven’t seen before. Each challenge is an opportunity to learn how to do our work better. We’re constantly working together to learn the best ways to solve the problem, and asking the homeowner questions to make sure we’re fitting their needs. Rather than settling for the traditional ways of “how we’ve always done it,” we strive to push the envelope with new materials, methods, and different approaches to best serve our client’s needs. This means we don’t cut corners—we make sure everything is up to snuff, down to the last detail.

We work with a greater purpose.

At Carlson Projects Inc., we take pride in our work, doing so with a greater purpose in mind. This means something different to everyone on the team, but it keeps our quality of work a cut above. For some people on the team, their greater purpose is their family. For others, it’s traveling the world or other goals and hobbies. As a family, we live out our days trying to achieve a servant’s heart for the Lord; so naturally, as a company, we’re always trying to do our part to be stewards of God’s plan and purpose. We’re doing more than just construction and remodeling, we’re serving while we’re at work.

We build relationships, not clients.

The last thing we want is for our business to be strictly transactional. We don’t have inbound salespeople trying to win as many bids as possible, complete a job behind closed doors, and collect a check. At the end of the project, we hope that you feel like you gained more than a new kitchen or home addition, but also a friend. It’s our goal to make sure you feel like we not only did a great job on the project but that you genuinely enjoyed the experience and the process. This includes educating you on the process, answering any questions you may have, and building our business around making sure you’re satisfied to the nth degree.

Be A Part of the Carlson Projects Inc. Team

Carlson Projects Inc. is proud of not only our work but also the core values that make us who we are. Have you worked with us before? What are some of your favorite memories? If you haven’t, we’d still love to hear from you! Drop us a comment with some of the company core values you hold in high esteem.

And if you’ve taken heart in our core values, consider us for your next Lincoln, NE home remodeling or roofing project. But don’t just take our word for it, do your research to find the right company for you. And when you find that’s us, contact us for a quote, and end up with a positive experience and a new team of friends!

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