How To Prepare For Your Project (In The Midst Of Supply Chain Issues)!

Stacked palettes say "2022 Supply Chain Challenges" for home remodeling supplies in Lincoln

Right now we are seeing some unprecedented supply chain issues with no clue when that might be changing. So, we thought we’d write to prepare you all. We always strive to do the best work and live up to our core values, and sometimes that means delivering the not-so-spectacular news that materials are going to take a while longer than we’d like.

In fact, windows, exterior doors, cabinets, tile, and plumbing fixtures are all ranging from a 4 to a 20-week wait. In order to help expedite the process, we’ve come up with a short list of suggestions to get you prepared for your project. Hopefully, these suggestions will ready you mentally and cut down on some of the total time for your project by getting your plan developed before we even get started!

Here goes!

1. Please, be patient.

We know it is frustrating. Our imperative is to bring you peace of mind. Trust in that. These supply issues are troublesome, but we will get there! Know that we are doing everything we can to get your materials, and we will keep you in the loop with any information that comes our way.

2. Get ready!

We love helping with the design of your project, but when things are running behind already because of supply chain issues, you can help by getting prepared ahead of time! Here are our suggestions for how to get your project ready before we’ve even stepped through your door!

Know what style or design you’re looking to create

It may sound pretty basic, but a lot of people don’t have a clear vision when going into the planning process. We can help, but not having a general theme or style can slow things down. And surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t sure what their “style” even is! Here’s a terrific blog to help you find your style. With that set, you’re ready for the next step!

Know what types of products you’d like

Start taking note of products you like. Look around your home, houses of friends and family, hotels you stop in, malls, or showrooms—wherever you see something that you like and think would fit with your design, take note and add it to your design plan.

Do your research

We are always ready to help you with any aspect of your project, but it helps us if you are prepared when we arrive on your doorstep. So, do some research! Take a look around at products and design ideas to have a better idea of what you want.

We recommend and as great resources to search for products and general design inspiration. Whether you find the precise thing you are looking for or you just need to get a clearer vision of what you’d like, they have vast catalogs of every finish and style you can imagine.

Write down your picks, save them to your project, take a screenshot—whatever you prefer. Then, put it all together in the final step!

Create a Pinterest or inspiration board or the like

Now, take that research and all of your ideas and narrow it down. Create a Pinterest board, mood/inspiration board, Powerpoint, pile of photos—whatever you’re comfortable with. It should have up to five images per element of your project and no more. You want these images to be as close to what you want as you can get, but also encompass the design direction you would like us to go in when bringing our own ideas to your project. This is what you’ve been training for!

How To Prepare For Your Project (In The Midst Of Supply Chain Issues)!

3. Let’s work together!

You’ve thought about it, done your research, made your board, and you’re ready to sit down with one of the crew and start planning. We are right there with you! Let’s take your dreams and build them in reality. We will do whatever we can to construct the warm, welcoming, peaceful home you can’t wait to make memories in. Whatever obstacles arise, know that we will work through them with your interests in mind at all times. Let’s get started!

Be A Part Of The Carlson Projects Inc. Team

Carlson Projects Inc. is proud of our work and also the relationships we’ve formed with our clients through the design process. Have you worked with us before? What are some of your favorite memories? If you haven’t, we’d still love to hear from you! Drop us a comment if you have any questions about roof vents or leaks, curb appeal, getting your parents home ready for their later years, or whatever roofing and remodeling question you might have!

And consider us for your next Lincoln, NE home remodeling or roofing project. But don’t just take our word for it, do your research to find the right company for you. And when you find that’s us, contact us for a quote, and end up with a positive experience and a new team of friends!

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