Lincoln NE Bathroom Remodeling

Lincoln, NE


Find Peace and comfort with an elegantly remodeled bathroom!

lincoln ne bathroom remodeling

Lincoln NE Bathroom Remodeling

Did you know you’ll spend roughly 19,000 hours in the bathroom in your lifetime? Full disclosure, we didn’t either until we Googled it – but that serves as a pretty good rationale to make your bathroom into a space that’s both attractive and functional. Lincoln NE Bathroom Remodeling

We want to achieve both beauty and function by:

  • Installing custom room-specific cabinetry that maximizes every square inch of storage available.
  • Custom-tailored selections made by you and our personal designer. Whether you like modern, traditional, or more contemporary style, the selections will be made by you, for you.



Beautiful Design

Your home should make you feel as good as it looks.

Detailed Craftsmanship

Little details turn average into elegant, bland into beautiful, dull into inspiring.


Innovative Solutions

Spaces should suit your needs. Innovative solutions make that happen.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy. You should love the design, love the transformation, and love your home.

We’ve had our share of challenges in piecing together puzzles for home remodels, but we truly enjoy the creative process of renovations. We love being able to reimagine spaces to make them more usable, while keeping the flare of the home’s original construction and incorporating our client’s hopes for the space.

Bathroom remodels make an impact, and we have experience remodeling both old and new homes. We’ve been delighted to work on some interesting bathroom remodels, including an elevator shaft turned into a bathroom as well as a closet/hallway transformation into a bathroom.

Design with us

Transform your Space

Love your home

Work with us

Like you, we believe home should be a place for memories, rest, and love to flourish. And nothing is more frustrating than navigating the process of transformation with peace of mind. We get it. Our family at Carlson Projects believes the process matters just as much as the outcome.


An Investment

You’re making an investment creating a beautiful, inspiring place to call home. You care about detailed work, beautiful design, and a place that suits your needs. And so do we.

Peace of Mind

We believe collaboration from start to finish gives you peace of mind knowing the end result will be the perfect design, look, and feel. And you should trust the people doing the work. Our team is not only the best at their craft, but even better individuals. We only put people in your home that we ourselves would put in ours.

Midwest Values

 With our roots firmly planted in Lincoln, Nebraska, we believe honest, midwest values and treating you as if you were family will truly change the way you live.