The Burr St. Project

This Project is one of my favorite “before and after” results. This wonderful couple had been planning and saving for a remodel of their home for years and we were lucky enough to be the ones in trusted to design and complete this project for them.

The initial design challenge was that the homes kitchen, dining, and living room felt very dark and disconnected.  The kitchen ceiling was lowered from original height to only 8’ tall rather than the original 9’ ceilings therefore making the kitchen feel even smaller than it was.

We were able to remedy these challenges by removing two walls around the stairwell to the basement and raising the ceiling up to the original height of 9’. This completely opened the spaces to feel as if they were one.

Other accents that helped give this remodel a unique feel:

  1. Exposing the brick chimney in the kitchen and living room.
  1. Custom built mantle from a locally sourced mill out of western red cedar lumber.
  1.  Opening a previously standard sized arch opening to almost 8’ wide and 9’ tall.
  1. Removing an enormous bulkhead “soffit” above the shower and tub in the bathroom that was making the bath feel even smaller that it was. We removed the bulk head and with the help of a custom-built vanity we could increase the storage space in what was a seemingly small bathroom.


Finishes chosen in this project: