Our Approach

Longevity Remodeling

As a family, we understand the impact each family member has on the family. Houses in general are not built to be aging in place or handicap friendly but we try to challenge that stereotype by remodeling homes with care, craftsmanship, and attention to how each owner will use the space today and 30 years from now. Mom, dad, son, and daughter; we all may need help at some point and our job is to make that transition easer and create the best quality of life for you and you loved ones.

Longevity Remodeling Options

We offer a variety of options for longevity remodeling

  • Bathroom remodeling projects that can be done in roughly 5 days
  • Whole house remodels that can improve a home’s value and accessibility
  • Accessible additions. Want to move mom or dad in but you want them to have their own space? By building an addition you can give them their own space and improve your home’s value and increase sq. ft all while maintaining independence for your loved one.
  • ADU’s or otherwise known as granny flats.  This is a structure that is fully separated from the owners dwelling and its gives your loved one their own accessible place to call theirs.


Products We Use