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Carlson Projects is family owned and operated right here in the Midwest that takes pride in midwest values and honor.


At Carlson Projects, we use our twenty plus years of residential and commercial roofing experience along with our top of the line roofing equipment and technology to give you the best roof for the best cost.


When it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling we like to take the approach of detail. When we begin a remodel we will break down every part of the remodel into sections…

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What People Say

“Greg is a nice guy and does good work. The one thing that he said that made me want to go with him was, “you can train an individual to do the job, but you can’t teach pride in workmanship”


Phyllis DuPre

Roofing Customer

“I called Carlson Projects on a Sunday evening after 80mph wind damage, and they came out immediately and put up temporary protection, then did permanent repairs two days later. Excellent service!!!”


Rodger Wittmann

Lincoln NE

About Us

Greg and Shawn Carlson started Carlson Projects in a very interesting time in their lives. In 1992, they decided it would be good to start a business, build a house, and have their second child. In the construction business, you must be two things: slightly crazy and have a desire to serve people. They were and are a little bit of both…


…Greg was always known at his former job at Weather Craft in Lincoln, as the guy you send out when something is wrong and no one knows how to fix it and the client isn’t the happiest about it. He thrives in that setting…

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The Weekly CP Episode 003 //  Meet Joe! Meet Joe! As the title of the video states, Joe is our resident roofing expert. If you have a question about roofing of any kind he can answer it for you. He is especially knowledgeable in the area of tile roofs which is what we...

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